Don’t tell me that the National Football League and Professional Wrestling aren’t exactly the same thing.

What was the headline this weekend? Shawne Merriman allegedly beat up Tila Tequila, right?

Image Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

That’s the National Football League for you. The greatest show on earth. It’s 2009 debut begins on Thursday after an off season of wrestling-like dramatic headlines and stories.

From the drama that is Michael Vick’s life, to Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler acted like a whiny kids in a grocery store, and of course the Brett Favre saga.

It may not be Rick Flair (or whoever is today’s wrestling star) coming out to the ring while fireworks explode and 50,000 fans scream, but the story is the same…and instead it’s Ray Lewis.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Are you ready for some football?”