Orioles over/under win totalIt should come as no surprise that the Baltimore Orioles have their doubters again in 2013. Although after a 93 win season, I am admittedly a bit befuddled as to how the oddsmakers think the O’s will slip so far.

The first over/under win totals have been posted and making their way around the interwebs and Steve Mikkelson at the Atlantis set the Birds at 76 1/2.

Shockingly, the Orioles are predicted to finish in last place in the AL East.

  • Blue Jays – 86 1/2
  • Yankees – 86 1/2
  • Rays – 86
  • Red Sox – 79 1/2
  • Orioles – 76 1/2

I know they’ve had the loudest offseason, but the Blue Jays finished with 73 wins in 2012. Have they really done enough this offseason to win 13 more games?

I don’t know if the Orioles will win 93 games again this season — I don’t even think it’ll take that many wins to claim a postseason spot — but I’m surprised that Vegas thinks the Orioles will fall 16 1/2 games from their mark last season. Even if you believe they were “lucky”, was that luck the difference between 16 wins and 16 losses?