Hines Ward’s dirty hits on the Ravens have been discussed all week. Ed Reed was lobbying for a fine for the Steelers wide receiver earlier this week. The topic was also discussed in the video below, posted on the Ravens247 Facebook page.

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  1. Figures.

    Hines plays like a coward. He plays like that because he knows he's not good enough to make the Hall of Fame.

  2. nice loss last week. Hines is one of the best blocking WR in the league with 2 super bowl rings and is the all time Steelers receiving and TD leader. Get real son!

  3. hahaahaahaha! crybabies! he gets hit every time he goes across teh middle and never cries, but a big bad linebacker whines like a little girl when littel Hines comes by!
    grow up babies, its a contact sport!

  4. 1) Hines Ward plays dirty
    2) Hines Ward is not a coward
    3) Hines Ward is hard pressed to make the HOF
    4) Hines Ward's rings can be attributed to poor officiating

  5. I am a Ravens fan, but honestly I love the way Ward plays. He's a tough guy and simply delivers hits. It's not like he's picking on kickers and punters. How many people remember Chris McAllister's short field goal run back versus the Broncos several years back? Remember the block Ray put on the unknowing Bronco to allow that return? We all praise that play as a big block and hey, the guy should have had his head on a swivel out on the field. Why is it that when Ward delivers a big hit similar to that one, we say it's dirty?

  6. Hines Ward is the Steelers version of Derrick Mason IN THAT he is the veteran guy with the team (I know Mason hasn't been on the Ravens for 10+ years, but just go with it).

    If Derrick Mason was instead a Hines Ward personality, not necessarily the smiling, but these "hits" you're showing and with his so-called dirty play, Ravens fans would LOVE it. People would commend him for his effort and the fight in him. It would be everybody's profile picture of some hit he made, and the fan base would go crazy cheering each time he would make such a block.

    So watch what you say about him. Is it because of the hits themselves, or just that he's on the Steelers? If it's just the Steelers part, that's FINE, but bash him for that. If it's for the hits themselves, then think about the scenario.

    • So you're gonna play a cheap shot from a special teams guy during a preseason game and compare it to the dirty plays Hines Ward has put on players his whole career. Good argument.

      He was voted one of the dirtiest players in the league by the players this season. He's a cheap shot artist. Put a hit on someone when they're looking.

  7. […] the NFL being hypocritical on safety while he’s made a career of blocking at the knees and hitting defenseless players in the back, it might be difficult for some people to take him […]

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