Steve Johnson OriolesBaltimore native and fan favorite Steve Johnson is back in the big leagues. Well, he will be on Saturday at least.

O’s skipper Buck Showalter confirmed that Johnson will be recalled from Triple-A Norfolk for the O’s second game of three in Minnesota. Johnson has made three starts with the Tides, he’s 1-1 with a 4.41 ERA. He surrendered four runs over 5 innings in his first start at Charlotte, but has only given up two in each of his last two starts. Against Buffalo on May 6, Johnson struck out eight and walked one in his 5 2/3 innings pitched.

Johnson pitched primary in relief for the Orioles in 2012. He appeared in eight games out of the pen and pitched to a 1.10 ERA in 16 1/3 innings pitched. In his four starts, Johnson was 3-0 with a 2.86 ERA over 22 innings pitched.

He definitely won’t overpower hitters, Johnson’s fastball clocks in at an average velocity of 89.90 MPH, but he’s very pitch efficient and commands the strikezone (2.56 K/BB, 10.8 K/9 in 2012).

I’m looking forward to watching Johnson pitch as the Orioles continue to shuffle their rotation. (Is it 2012 all over again? Hopefully.) Down the stretch, I always felt comfortable when Johnson came into games and am excited to see him get a chance in the rotation this weekend.

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  1. The guy just pitches. I have a tremendous amount of confidence when his dude pitches. Local guy with “Cojones and Heart”, as Adam Jones might say.

  2. Funny thing is he pitches just like his fat faced Dad did. In 1989 the old man did the same thing. I only hope he isn’t an ass like his old man

  3. Glad to see Casilia get a shot at second. Flaherty not hitting at all. Think Buck likes his power potential but he is just isn’t hitting a lick.

  4. This cornball Wink says that Buck likes Flaherty’s power potential! WTF??? Flaherty has power potential??? In his MLB career, Flaherty has 7 homeruns in 103 games which equates to 10 homeruns a year roughly!!! AND Flaherty has a robust careeer batting average of .183!!! I got more power potential hitting frozen ropes while batting right handed (I’m left handed), sitting on my butt, and using a wiffle ball bat against hardballs than Flaherty has Winkoff!!! Are you high on dope Winkoff??? Never seen this Wink dude on the BSR before and he/she comes on here and writes this Winkoff Jinkoff stuff! Flaherty needs to play softball like all wanna-be duds who think they are any good do. Flaherty might have power potential in softball. Being able to hit a ball the size of a watermelon about 50 feet is something any loser can do so Flaherty would fit right in!

  5. Hey Leon the Peon screw you and your stupid opinions. You probably played softball on your couch with your fat belly doubling over your Jammie’s. Just because a guy hasn’t hit a lot of homers so far in his career doesn’t mean he does not have the potential for power. Look at his body type jack off.

  6. Fellas, fellas, Steve Johnson is issue. I think Steve has had his 15 minutes in the sun. He’s another guy that we can couple in the group trade for Utley. His Dad is a goof ball and his son is a batting practice pitcher. Maybe we could combine Steve and Dave Johnson along with Jake A. and get a second basemen vice the two clown wannbes Rule 5 Ryan and Minny Cast-off Casilla. In fact throw them in and make it 5 for Utley and Lee.

  7. My stupid opinions Wink? Your the guy saying that Buck likes the power potential of Flaherty who has 7 career home runs and a .183 career batting average. I think you are one of these “wanna-be” guys who never played sports and was a nerd in school to think something as inane as what you said about Buck and Flaherty. What the hell does Flahertys body type have to do with it? Do you watch sports so that you can look at mens bodies? By the way Wink, I can run circles around you in softball. I play softball and don’t sit on the couch watching mens bodies like you do. If you play softball and live in Maryland, name me just 3 of the top softball teams in the area. What position you play? Catcher or Right Field? By the way, Peon is spelled Uradumbass.

  8. Leon (Ed ) you don’t play softball any more either. I’m 61 ljackass and in my day you wouldn’t make my team playing for Angle 1. So shut up and stop talking about what you don’t know.

    • Wink, that’s not me… You know I don’t give a crap about arguing that stuff… Plus I would say clown and not cornball. Unfortunately you are arguing with someone that isn’t me…

  9. Yeah, this is Ed Wink. You guessed me. The jig is up on me. Yeah my softball days are over also. Remember when we played against each other when you played for Angle 1 and I played for that other team? I can’t remember the name of the team it’s been so long. We had good games against each other. You were an ok player but not as good as me. Remember when I made that leaping catch at the fence in left field to rob you of a homerun? You had Flaherty type power. I of course jack over the right field fence all the time. Can’t believe you knew it was me, Ed. See you later. Maybe get together for a beer.

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