Here’s a little fun trivia you can use on your friends. What do Chris Davis and Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, have in common?

They both hit home runs in five straight games for the Baltimore Orioles.

Of course, Jackson hadn’t become Mr. October at the time.

Davis blasted his 32nd home run of the season in the top of the ninth against the Rays in Tampa last night. It was certinaly the strangest home run of his career, one that got caught up in the ceiling of Tropicana field. For Davis, the AL Co-Player of the Week, it was his sixth home run in five days. According to ELIAS, that’s the longest single-season streak by an Oriole since Reggie Jackson’s six-game streak in 1976.

We’ll see if Davis can pass Reggie tonight. The O’s might need home to do so.

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  1. Looks like he surpassed Reggie tonight ..

    Where would we be without Davis and Reynolds in September and who would’ve stated that back in May!! I’m pretty optimistic about the O’s, but I never would have thought this to be the case.

  2. They are both black guys who played for the Os. Both are leftiies, played right field and hava 9 on their uniform. Other than that I cannot think of anything. Oh both are better than Carl Ripken

  3. Please, I know it makes for a good article, but there is no comparison now or ever to the great Reggie Jackson. Reggie was a great player one of the best talkers in baseball. Yeah, his mouth could get him in trouble but Reggie ALWAYS backed up what he said.

    It’s like comparing 9Inchnails to John Holmes or Ron Jeremy. There is no comparison because 9Inchnails is off the measuring stick with Holmes and has more body hair then Ron Jeremy. Like 9Inchnails always says, “He’s long and strong, about to get the friction on…”

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