Baltimore Responds To New England’s Retirement Billboard For Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis' retirement party moved to February 3

Remember that time New England arrogantly counted down the days to “Ray Lewis’ retirement party” on a giant billboard? That didn’t go so well for them.

Now Baltimore has responded with a billboard of their own.

Outside of M&T Bank Stadium, Ravens fans can enjoy a billboard that reads “Ray’s Retirement Party MOVED TO FEB. 3 (New England Not Invited).

It was a little less harsh than Terrell Suggs’ comments to the Patriots, but still a pretty good burn.

“I was hurt when I saw a sign that actually said my retirement would [start] tonight,” Lewis said according to Ryan Mink of the Ravens official website. “Man can’t dictate that. God dictates that.”

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  1. gita sebastian

    February 4, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    we are tghe champions until next season