Just FYI, this will be my first and last post about Brett Favre. In fact I hate that I’m wasting my time and space on BSR to talk about Favre, but here goes nothing.

Dear Brett Favre,

As a Baltimore Ravens fan I never had an issue with you. Green Bay is a far away distant land in a division that I could care less about. You were never a threat to the purple and black so what do I care.

But, last year you made yourself look like an idiot. You left the town that had your picture on their opening day tickets to play for a city to criticizes everything about their athletes.

Even worse was the fact that you made SportsCenter you personal soap opera. The text messages and meetings were just so dramatic that I had to keep my television tuned to baseball (I know the NFL hates that).

I had a nice argument with a friend of mine who is a Jets’ fan about how you would not take the Jets to the playoffs. I don’t care what kind of stats you recorded, you sat at home and watched in January.

So that brings us to today. Did you not learn anything from last year? Most of your fans in Green Bay resented you for leaving and you pissed off the rest of the football fans with the stupid coverage of your story. And now you want to play for the Vikings? That’ll just seal the deal with the rest of those Packer’s fans that still liked you and you’re still bothering people like myself.

There’s nothing wrong with hanging it up. I don’t know if you know this, but you’re going to be 40 years old. It doesn’t matter if you think you can play. It’s okay to go out on top. I mean you kind of ruined that last year, but you’re really pushing it this year.

If you want to play I can deal with that. Just please, please, please don’t interfere with actual sports news. I had to listen to a certain radio show (from 3-7 PM on the flagship station of the Orioles) discuss your future for two hours and honestly it drives me crazy. Make a decision and quit being such a prima donna.


P.S. If you do decide to go to Minnesota it might be a good idea to at least treat your team mates with some respect. That whole plan kind of backfired in New York.