On Tuesday April 7, 2009 ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd ranted about the city of Baltimore for booing Mark Teixeira. He stated that Orioles’ fans should have never expected Tex to sign in Baltimore because Mark wouldn’t want to go to a team that has “no shot” of being in the post season in 6 years. Cowherd was outspoken against Orioles’ fans who had signs using the word “hate” in reference to Teixeira, but he referred to all of Baltimore as “small” and “petty” calling the Orioles “irrelevant.”


Dear Mr. Cowherd,

I admit that I have never listened to your show, but after reading about the uproar of your comments about Baltimore, my hometown, I listened and I am completely offended. Calling the great people of Charm City “small” and “petty” is simply unacceptable.

While I understand that you do not like any negative story about a team that comes out of New York, talking down to the entire Baltimore market is petty, sir. Saying things like, “you may not be sharp enough to get this,” or “…no body talks about you on the radio,” is immature.

Your comments about the Baltimore Orioles’ future show that you simply have no true knowledge of what is going on in baseball. Stating that Mark Teixeira shouldn’t want to come to Baltimore because the Orioles have “no shot of being in the post season” in the next six years is simply not true. Your colleague Peter Gammons stated, “The O’s are on their way back after a dozen sub-.500 seasons; Nick Markakis is a star-level player, Adam Jones is on his way and there are layers of young pitchers.” Not to mention your comparison between football and baseball acquisitions. How have the Ravens ever stolen any player with a salary cap in football?

Your big issue with Baltimore fans was their “hatred” of Mark Teixeira, yet you defend one of the worst fan cities in America in New York. Have you heard some of the terrible things that Yankee fans have said to Boston players? Clearly not. We did not throw any batteries at the outfielders.

Your a west coast guy with a west coast mind, while you work for a national sports corporation you do not see the national picture. You do not understand east coast baseball. No one is waiting to beat Teixeira in the parking lot. I think that 0 for 4 with 5 runners left on base would have gotten Tex booed out of new Yankee stadium.

If you want to talk about going to far look no further than your own show. You called us “thin, petty, small and lost” said that “no body cares” about the Orioles and directly insulted your own emailers. That is petty and immature. As you would say (and did about 1000 times), “get a life.”

Your small petty Orioles’ fan,