Since the Orioles don’t appear to be interested in handing over the keys to a general manager, they might as well give Buck Showalter the promotion since he’s going to be acting as the GM until a decision is finally made.

Every second that goes by from here on is wasted time during the free agency period and with the recent report that Peter Angelos did not want to give total control of the team over to Tony LaCava, the O’s might as well just let Buck run the whole show

It’s a move that I didn’t want to see and one that makes little sense in the baseball world outside of Baltimore.  But the O’s have put all their eggs in the Showalter basket and they might as well get everything out of it.  For whatever reason, Angelos seems to trust Buck, either that or Buck has found a way to deal with what other baseball executives haven’t been able to, so let Showalter call the shots.

Someone has to.