While Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom is giving retweets to fans on their birthday, his brother is stirring things up with GM George McPhee.

Kristoffer Backstrom, Nick’s brother, didn’t seem happy when 3 PM rolled around on Monday.  “Don’t understand why #caps didn’t do any trades(s) will be interested to hear the interview from GM McPhee,” Kristoffer tweeted an hour after the deadline.

But that wasn’t all.  “I find it hard to believe that there was nothing out there.. Anything is for sale for right price,” he later added.

Personally, I tend to side with ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun who have kudos to McPhee for taking a knee.  “One big trade isn’t going to clear star center Nicklas Backstrom of his concussion symptoms,” LeBrun wrote.  “McPhee did the hardest thing of all, resist the short-term fix. That takes guts.”

Despite disagreeing with LeBrun and wishing that McPhee would have pulled the trigger, Kristoffer still thinks his brother’s Capitals can win the cup in 2012.  “Never stop believing,” he tweeted.

…Seriously, if you read all these quotes and you haven’t followed Kristoffer Backstrom yet, do it now.