Buck ShowalterBuck Showalter boldly came out against a report that Major League Baseball is considering slapping Alex Rodriguez with a lifetime ban for the Yankees third baseman’s involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. The Orioles skipper told the USA Today that he doesn’t want A-Rod to be suspended indefinitely because it would allow the Yankees to be free from the financial constraints surrounding his contract.

“If they can reset, they can spend again and I guarantee you in two years Matt Wieters is in New York,” Showalter added.

Upon seeing his quote make national headlines, Showalter told Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun that he didn’t expect his candid comments to be printed. “I said it and someone decided to print it,” Showalter said. “It’s unfortunate, but what are you going to do? … It all boils out from the idea that we’d like Matt to be with us. We like him.”

Somehow A-Rod’s mess has managed to spill over to the Orioles locker room. As DJ Short of HardballTalk.com reports, Wieters was asked by USA Today about Showalter’s comments and his upcoming free agency after the 2015 season.

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  1. Some things said in private might just turn out to be true. Honestly down the road in 2015 do you see the Orioles stepping up and paying two big ticket Boras clients (Matt and CD)? Sad to say but I see Matt in another uniform.

    • I was in Sarasota this March and someone said something to me in private. “Nails, I want to room with you next year….” Now did that become public?

      I see Wieters overpriced and in a Yankees uniform regardless of the Aroid outcome.

  2. The truth hurts,,,,,Angelos is too cheap to keep this decent young group of players,,,,,,,,,too bad for the fans…………no salary cap , no reason not to sign them , but watch……………….

  3. Too cheap, where in the F have you been the last few years? Who have we not paid? Oh yeah, Reynolds, .203. 145 strikeouts.

    We have paid everyone worth paying. You must have some multi personality disorder. You know so much about the O’s and you write that then you write something dumb like this. You remind me of Jim from Turners Station and that guy Chow married, Mystery man.

    • Let me bring you up to date incher,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ever since Angelos didn’t pay Musina what he was worth the O’s haven’t had a player of that caliber that was worth paying , maybe you are the one who hasn’t been paying attention,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the recent contracts have been pretty ordinary for pretty ordinary players , maybe a little better than average but not much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in a couple of years you will see what I’m talking about , stay tuned and pay attention,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Your argument is like Swiss cheese. Okay, when it was time to resign markakis, I bet you were saying Angelos would not pay him. I bet when it was time to resign Hardy I bet you were saying Angelos would not pay him. Same thing for Jones….get my drift. Swiss cheese, your arguments are SWISS CHEESE. As for Mussina, that was how many years ago.
        Stop living in the past, we welcome you into 2013, where a man can marry another man here in the Old Line State…..

        • 9inchnails – you might as well give it up with this old fart Spy. He’s still harping on a player that didn’t sign 14 years ago. My goodness man, give it up. He must have had some man crush on him like his groupy that comes on here and talks about their forays.

          • Just a small reminder for me not to get close to any of the O’s players , because if they ever get really good , Angelos will not pay them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he has been lucky not to have any really good players he had to pay along the way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
            This is his plan but it is starting to blow up on him , just wait and see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Spy, got to agree with you and it’s really telling when Buck Showalter, the Orioles Manager even says that the Yankees will probably get Wieters in a couple years (That article was even in this great BSR site). Even though Buck was saying it in conjunction with the Afraud shit, it’s interesting that he knows that Angelos WILL NOT give good money to Wieters.

    And about Angelos not having really good players to pay along the way… That’s why he doesn’t go after really good/great players, so he doesn’t have to pay them the money!

    That’s why the Orioles have or had:

    Omar Quintanilla
    Alexi Casillas
    Conor Jackson
    Marty Feldman
    Tyler Teagarden

    and a shitload of other bums…

    Name me a top tier free agent or player that they have signed or traded for in the past 5 years… There are none…

    Chris Davis? He was not even the #1 guy the Orioles wanted in that trade
    Adam Jones? Same thing, not the main player in the trade

    Spy, keep callin’ em as you see it… I’m with you Dingo…

    MGW and Incher are 2 Oriole apologizing dudes with Chow loving attitudes. Chow probably stood them up for Ryu this past week so they couldn’t have fun the International way.

    • Adam Jones was the main part of the Bedard trade, Apologist, no. r\Realist and homo…errr homer, yes.
      Hammel, Chen, Strop, Davis, Hunter, Hardy, may not be top tiers guys but they got the job.

      • You missed the point entirely , we are talking about top tier players and their contractys , not players who may have played over their heads for a while,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        By the way , Ravens 2488,,,,thanks a bunch and I love the Marty Feldman name,,,,,keep it going , it fits well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. You completely missed the point. You don’t always need so called top tier. We could have signed Hamilton or Pulhos or Lee. What other top tier guy should we have signed? Oh yeah Cabrera the roider got $16 mill, Bourn got $48 mil, Greinke got $147 mil. Now which one of those bozos would put us over the top?
    You and Ravens 2488 are like class b free agents….no compensation.

  6. 9inchman, you stop yell at Spy. Spy my lovel not you so you find othel body. go kiss Ryu. Ryu look fol new toy boy. By way Ryu, betel look out, Fung Shu back town and he say he look fol you. Chow say Fung Shu that Ryu hang at Pink Zebla at night. so 9inchman you have Ryu and Fung Shu fol pleasule.

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