Chris Davis hits his seventh home run in six daysChris Davis — who I refuse to call The Deputy — has crushed seven home runs in six days. He’s now tied with Reggie freaking Jackson for most consecutive days with a home run as an Oriole in a single season.

Yeah, Reggie Jackson.

Davis single-handedly carried the Orioles offense on Tuesday, as the Birds won 1-0 against James Shields and the Rays.

After the game, Gary Thorne asked Buck Showalter about Davis’ breakout week and discovering this gem for the O’s. “Obviously, Andy MacPhail and our ownership helped us and of course Dan [Duquette] has picked up the mantle and supported Chris [Davis],” he said.

“Of course, it’s all about Chris. He’s a guy that’s taken advantage of the opportunity that he’s earned and we’re real proud of him.”

33 home runs this season. Who the hell saw that coming?

Showalter also acknowledged Davis’ defense in right field, another surprising story for the O’s this season.

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  1. I can tell you one guy who didn’t…Stat Boy.

    Davis is a legit AL East threat who showed a little of what he could do last year and really went balls to the wall this year.

    A special shout-out to “The Genius” Nolan Ryan who let him go for peanuts.

  2. Davis may just well be a money ball player the O’s need,,,,,,I hope so , I kinda like the kid…………………

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