In baseball language, “forearm stiffness” translates to “elbow injury” and “platelet-rich plasma injection” translates to “a procedure that delays an inevitable surgery.”

According to reports from the Orioles beat writers, Dylan Bundy has suffered a recent setback in his rehab from his forearm injury he suffered at the end of Spring Training. Bundy rested for six weeks, then was given the aforementioned platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection on April 29. On Monday night, news broke that Bundy felt discomfort throwing from 120 feet at the Orioles facility in Sarasota and will be re-examined by team orthopedist Dr. Wilkens on Tuesday.

Dylan BundyI’m not going to speculate on the injury because I’m not a doctor. But as a baseball fan watching from afar, Bundy’s timeline sounds very familiar.

If he’ll need Tommy John surgery and gets the procedure right this second, the Orioles won’t see Bundy back on the field until at July 2014 at the earliest. That’s assuming he gets it done today.

As a blogger who’s already admitted he’s not a doctor, I keep wondering why players continue to receive the PRP injection when it seems to only push back the timetable for their return. Had Bundy gotten Tommy John surgery at the end of Spring Training, the Orioles would have had him back in time for the beginning of the 2014 season. Instead, he’ll likely miss all of 2013 and half of next year.

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  1. Quick , trade him for an ACE……………

    • Hey, Spy we haven’t heard about Bundy’s injury. We’ll trade him for Shields, whattya say?!?

      • Let’s do , it will be great for both teams,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I love to make these impact deals…………….Thank you very much………….

    • Can’t trade somebody who is on the DL… and even if we could, this is the time when Bundy’s value really couldn’t be lower (assuming he needs TJ surgery, which certainly is a realistic possibility).

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  3. anonymous hippopotamus

    I never understand why they elect to go with the rehab before surgery. I understand surgery is said to be most doctor’s last resort, but in the case of pitchers, it usually just delays the timetable for them to get back on track. Really disappointing news. Hope Dylan has the surgery and comes back just as strong.

    • I can’t blame the Orioles for trying to go the “no surgery” route, but they should just let Bundy have whatever surgery he needs and let him get ready for next season (or the season after that if he needs TJ surgery).

  4. Not all PRP is created equally. Different doctors administer it differently. Some injuries require more than one injection. Why would you have a major surgery if you can get the body to heal. Stems cells may be more effective.

    • I can’t blame the Orioles for trying the PRP method (win now mode), but with these setbacks he’s been facing, if he needs surgery, let him have it.

    • Bundy had a clean MRI back in April… you can’t put somebody under the knife at that point. Granted, MRI’s aren’t 100% reliable and hindsight is 20/20, but imagine if the Orioles decided to put Bundy under the knife back in April and there was nothing wrong- Lawsuits galore.

  5. Chad Billingsly, Zach Grienke, Zach Britton… I can name a lot of pitchers who were heading towards TJ that recovered with PRP. Sorry, I trust the worlds foremost expert on Orthopedic injuries more then I trust the media speculation around them.

  6. Wilt knows nothing about baseball. Total hack.

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      Was he the one who stole your cardboard box? The one you lay out on selling crack and handjobs behind the flea market while stray dogs think you’re a fire hydrant. No, no he wasn’t…

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      So back off Mr. Wilt…

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  7. Greg, thank you for your intelligent comment.

    I think your blog on ballerinas is one of the best on the web. Wilt could learn a lot from you.

  8. Hey , leave our boy Zach alone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he does a pretty damn good job and all I can say is you must be jealous,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where is your site that draws this much attention from true sports fans ?

  9. Well, at least, he wasn’t a college guy who gets burned and wiped out pitching in college by fanatical (don’t worry about him) college coaches. Most of these need TJ etc. in a year or two.

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