The Ed Reed saga continues.

Last night 105.7’s Glenn Younes, who happens to also work as the Director of the Ed Reed Foundation, had an exclusive with the Ravens safety about his potential hold out with the Ravens.

Little backstory: Reed didn’t show up to Ravens mandatory OTAs, then this weekend he tweeted a little drama directed towards Baltimore’s front office.  “Tell the bosses I’m comfortable,” Reed wrote.

On Wednesday, he used Baltimore’s biggest local sports talk radio station as his mouth piece for a new contract.

“I already exceeded expectations,” Reed said according to Aaron Wilson who I assume listened to Reed’s whining. “This is not about money,” he added, clearly forgetting that it is about money. “This is a business. There’s two sides to every business.”

“I love Baltimore,” Reed said. “I’m good with staying in Baltimore.”

Thank goodness.

But here’s the best quote of all; “Babies whine, I’m a grown-ass man.”

Ed Reed is due to make a measly $7.2 million this season.  It’s the final year of his sad, pathetic six-year, $40 million contract.