ESPN has decided Ray Lewis' career will end in Sunday's Ravens-Broncos game

The folks at have already decided that Ray Lewis’ 17 year career will come to its conclusion in Denver. The front page of their NFL site contained a story titled “Thanks For The Memories…” and featured a caption that read “Your career will end in Denver.”

The opinion piece written by columnist Ashley Fox is about why the Ravens are overmatched in their Divisional playoff game against Petyon Manning and the Denver Broncos.

It will not matter. The Broncos are too relentless on defense and have too many weapons on offense. The Ravens played passionate football in Ray Lewis’ final home game on Sunday. This will be a different environment. And emotion only carries a team so far.

Opinionated pieces are what online sports writing is all about, but ESPN founded itself with deep journalistic roots. I expect to read pieces on why the Ravens will lose to the Broncos on Denver fan sites or maybe even in a Colorado paper, but not from an unbiased media outlet.

Just as Broncos fans should expect to read about why the Ravens will upset their favorite team here on BSR.

I guess all that’s all changed now. That integrity no longer exists. It’s now okay for the news outlets to post stories about why a future Hall of Famers career will end.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. huh .. is this a fluke?

  2. Relax folks. Only his career as a player will end in Denver on Saturday. I’m sure he’ll go there many times as an NFL analyst.

  3. First of all, there is no such thing as an “unbiased media outlet” and even if there is, it is not “biased” to say that the team with the better performing offense, the better performing defense, and the better performing special teams will win. That is not “bias” that is “good judgment.” “Bias” is when you believe that on over-the-hill, injured, albeit formerly great and future fall of hame, middle linebacker can “rain dance” his team through the playoffs.

  4. What the hell is “H Paul Cohen”? A gay crack-addicted porn star? Deepwater69 says you were in a bunch of those 80’s porn movies with Ron Jeremy?

  5. Hey assclown Cohen… You do know that Manning is the same age as Lewis when you talk about over the hill, formerly great players?

    Come back when Archie, eh Peyton Manning chokes again during the playoffs Saturday…

    I will give Manning that one Super Bowl because he had to play against some tough QB’s during the playoffs and Super Bowl…

    Chiefs – Trent Green
    Ravens – An old Steve McNair (Ravens held Manning to 15 points)
    Patriots – Tom Brady (Manning had to beat him at least once)
    Bears – Rex Grossman

    3 of the 4 QB’s were old or bums…

    I wouldn’t put too much into Manning during the playoffs… He’s not as great as you think during that time…

    • did you ever consider the fact it was the colts that weren’t very good to begin with and he carried them for yrs.Denver is across the board better team then they ever were.

      Denver didin’t just win the last eleven gms they beat the snot out of em,including the ravens so make whatever claims you want about who they played.

      Manning has the second best stats of his career this yr so i’m think’n he’s STILL playing like a HOF’R .

      How’s lewis doing,can’t run anymore so he’s calling it a career is what i’m hearing.

      • It’s been nice chatting with go-broncos,Sally Jessica Rafeal Cohen, deepwater, and the rest of the Denver fans.

        Sorry you had such a great regular season only to lose your first playoff game. Hope to see you back next year on the site as I know we won’t hear from you anymore after Saturday.

        Peyton can get an early start on his new commercials starting about 7:45 PM eastern time.

        Goodnight Broncos. Somewhere the Barrel Man is lighting one up in your honor.

  6. Agree with the Intimidator! Hell, I could have played better than Trent Green, Steve McNair and Rex Grossman! Manning almost choked that one away in the playoffs as he barely beat the Brady. Wear those Manning jerseys tomorrow and Saturday guys because Saturday night you will be using them to cry in.

  7. Hmm, funny, how words can come back on you!!! Go Ravens!

  8. Hey ESPN… can “passionately” KISS OUR ASSES, cuz that “emotion” carried us to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! RAVENS ALL THE WAY BABY!!!

  9. HAHAHAHA. Haters gonna hate! GO RAYVENS.

  10. Hey Ashley Fox so I’m not sure………but did Denver end up winning? Just checking and sorry ESPN but I think me and alot of people here in the Baltimore/DC area have lost respect for you guys. I will now only watch NBC sports and the NFL netowrk. Cya!!!

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