Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter just pissed off the entire city of Baltimore.  In his midseason quarterback rankings, Trotter ranked Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco 22nd in the NFL.  22nd as in 10 from the bottom.  …Way down there.

As Dave Gilmore points out, this isn’t the first time that the national media has been critical of Flacco.  Bill Simmons practically called Ravens fans cry babies for their defense of Flacco.

22. Joe Flacco, Ravens: Baltimore thought he would take his game to the next level in his fourth season, but over his last four outings he has thrown for only one TD, with four interceptions, and is on pace to finish with the worst completion percentage and most interceptions of his career.

It’s tough to argue the statistics, but there are some names ahead of Flacco that are pretty bad.  Christian Ponder, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Matt Cassel and Andy Dalton are all guys that I see below Flacco’s abilities.

Flacco finished ahead of Colt McCoy, Kevin Kolb, Sam Bradford, Tarvarious Jackson, Blaine Gabbert, Curtis Painter, Rex Grossman, John Beck, Tim Tebow and Carson Palmer.

Knowing that this list of based only one the first half of the season, do you agree with Trotter’s assessment of Flacco?