Hines Ward opened up about the Ravens-Steelers match up on Sunday Night in a recent story in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. In addition to talking about the playoff atmosphere in the game, Ward discussed how he feels John Harbaugh doesn’t like him, gave his thoughts on Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis and his reactions to the cheap shot allegations.

In response to John Harbaugh, Ward said, “I don’t think their head coach likes me. I tried to shake his hand before we played them the last time. He gave me a fake handshake. He didn’t even look at me. That’s fine. Whatever.”

The Steelers wide receiver went on to say that he’s “cool” with Ray Lewis, but not “the other guys.” “We’re not so cool. Ed and I have seen each other at the Pro Bowl and we didn’t even speak,” he said.

Terrell Suggs famously called Ward a “cheap-shot artist” in 2007, Ward reacted to this in the story as well. “I don’t know why they don’t like me. I just play football.”

One thing is for sure, “The hitting will be the hardest in any game all year,” Ward confirmed.

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