Former Oriole Aubrey Huff has always been a favorite player of mine and he fits the cast of misfits that won the World Series for San Francisco last night. Huff has spent time in Tampa Bay, Houston, Baltimore, Detroit and finally in San Francisco and was never even a part of a winning franchise in his 9 major league seasons before 2010.

All that has changed now for the Giants first baseman and he proved to be a valuable asset for the Giants during their run. Huff went 5 for 17 in the World Series and came up with a big 2 run home run in game four.

Aubrey told the media that he would do it all over again, spend 9 seasons on losing teams, to win a World Series. I’m happy for Aubrey and I’m curious what other O’s fans think.

What did you think of Aubrey’s time in Baltimore? Are you happy he won the World Series? And as a free agent, where do you expect him to go next?