How are the Baltimore Ravens holding up after offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was fired? It sounds like they’re doing just fine.

Joe [Flacco] seems like he’s happy about it and I’ve seen him smiling,” Michael Oher said according to Kris Jones of Russell Street Report. “I’m pretty sure he’s okay with everything.”

John Harbaugh made it clear that Flacco was not consulted about this decision, although it sounds like neither was Harbs. The Baltimore media says that Flacco was surprised by the decision to can Cam, although he probably shouldn’t be. The decision was likely made to critique the Ravens’ QB.

It’s a slow news day. Thanks to Michael Oher for saying something interesting.

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  1. Pretty much going to be the same playbook, same plays, maybe a couple of minor tweaks. What will change is when each type of play is called and when and how often to run, and when to pass. Cam seemed to have a knack for calling the wrong play at the wrong time. Low percentage plays, that could have huge upside, but seemed to never materialize. So maybe the focus will change to just getting first downs.

  2. I really believe that the offense will improve dramatically in the middle of the game because it will be better able to adjust to the changes that the defense is putting in place based on what has happened early in the game.

    How many games have we seen the Ravens come out firing on all cylinders only to bog down in the second half? Perhaps it was a function of the previous OC (who was so in love with his offensive strategies he would have a hard time believing they could be stopped.) During those times, we often saw the offensive leaders on the sidelines or on the field looking frustrated!

    Perhaps now with a less-accomplished “offensive genius” working with a very good QB the offense will not be as easy to stop within the game.

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