20130724-141530.jpgDan Duquette and the Orioles have been the most aggressive contender on the trade market this season, adding starter Scott Feldman from the Cubs and relief pitcher Francisco Rodriguez from the Brewers. This morning, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported that the O’s might not be done yet.

Baltimore likely would balk at the prospect price for right-hander Bud Norris, but could target former Oriole lefty Erik Bedard or right-hander Lucas Harrell, sources said.

“I think they’re still looking at a ton of stuff,” one rival executive said.

Erik Bedard? No chance.

I agree with Rosenthal’s thoughts on Norris’ value. He’ll demand too many prospects in return. Harrell could be an interesting option however.

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  1. anonymous hippopotamus

    Eric “Six-innings or 100 pitches and I’m done” Bedard?!? Get the hell out of here, Rosenthal! No way Buck brings that cancer into the locker room.

  2. Please. No. Bedard. Dear God. Please.

  3. if they just happened to sign Bedard, which i hope they don’t, BUT if they did i would be the first to welcome him with a punch in the face.

  4. NO!

  5. I think Kenny has that stupid bow tie on a little too tight.

  6. Just for the reactions, I almost hope the Orioles trade for Bedard. Twitter will explode.

  7. Waiting for MGW and his “Troll” comments… Like waiting for a baby to shit a diaper…

    • spy must be some kind of Sven Jolle. He’s now got Ravens2488 fighting for his attention too. He posts stuff hoping that spy will notice him.

      spy must be like the Dos Equis guy, chicks dig him and guys like 2488 want to be like him.

      • They call me Spy , James Spy………………….

      • You may kid about what he posted but you did exactly what he said you would do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ravens 2488 is his own man , he doesn’t need me for anything , it just so happens he is brilliant………………….

        • A man, Spy, who knows of what he speaks! Spy is my “Sensai”… Bow to “Sensai” Spy you heathen MGW!

      • I’m more interesting than Dos Equis and more talented than Sven’t Jolle , just ask me…………………

  8. I think Bedard would fall into the same mold as many of the other guys brought onto the club. We don’t have to worry that he’s an ace and the asking price being too high, we get to keep our prospects. He pitches 100 pitches in 6 innings which seems to be a repeating theme until recently. I’d say go for it.

  9. Ball players are interchangeable parts. I do not get the holding onto prospect philosophy when you have mid season immediate needs… in order to potentially advance?! Best case for every good draft choice- Manny, Matt, Nick, you have matching clunkers- Hobgood, Beato, Rowell. That said by the time the potential is realized (if it ever materializes), you have a different set of weaknesses. Call it instant gratification, but I would rather reduce the associated gamble and supplement my team’s weakness with players with a proven track record…particularly at the trade deadline. Before I get the Hamilton, Josh Johnson and RA Dickey failures thrown back in my face- lets face it, grading a ball players potential is a crap shoot whether you draft or trade. So unless you are willing to insert the prospect make the trade.

    • Agree,,,,,wouldn’t Matt Garza look good at the top of this rotation now ? Win now baby …………..

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