One of the highlights of Ravens training camp yesterday was watching the big guys go out there and take a turn fielding punts.

In what appeared to be some friendly competition, Harbaugh offered time off to the offensive and defensive units if one of the linemen from each quad could field a Sam Koch punt. Harbaugh, in his press conference, said “there were ramifications. They earned their guys a little time off tonight. There was a lot of pressure on those guys for that catch.”

According to the video on, each squad selected the player, and while Oher was chosen by the offense, the first choice for the defense, Haloti Ngata, turned down the offer. In stepped Terrance Cody, who performed admirably.

Current Punt Returner Ladarius Webb was asked about the event.

“I thought both of them were going to miss it at first. I’ve seen Michael Oher catch a pop fly before and it didn’t go well. T-Cody, I just never thought in a million years he would have caught it, but he caught it with one hand, and I can’t catch it with one hand, so he did a great job.”

I feel like Harbaugh gets a bad rap for being overly professional sometimes. It’s nice to see this side of him and the team. I’m not sure how it helps this team win a Super Bowl, but it’s great seeing them have a little fun. They deserve it.