Manny Machado, the Orioles first round pick in last year’s MLB Draft, has had a hot start down in Delmarva playing for the A level Shorebirds.  Through three full series now, a total of ten games, Machado is putting up impressive numbers throughout.  Here’s a glimpse at his stats:


That bottom row, the totals for the season so far, is what sticks out to me as his solid bat skills right from the beginning in pro ball.  Hosting a .361/.467/.500 line to begin the year is a very nice way for Machado to show the organization what he is truly capable of doing.  Yes, these numbers are only through 36 at bats, but you have to start somewhere.

Four multi-hit games and a four walk game are the types of things we look for when it comes to consistency in a prospect position player, and despite not hitting a home run yet, Machado has added three doubles and a triple to his name.

His defense is supposedly also up to par to this point, a spot that many questioned as he came out of the draft as to if his bigger build could stick at shortstop.

Again, this is very early, but after Billy Rowell, the last infielder drafted by the Orioles, has struggled to make it past high A ball in the farm system, it is nice to see a hot start for the 18 year old Machado.