As it turns out, the NFL doesn’t like when players go on the radio to talk about injuries when they aren’t listed on their team’s injury report. Lesson learned.

Gregg Rosenthal of writes that the league is “looking into” the Baltimore Ravens game video and practice tape to investigate Ed Reed’s labrum tear. Reed told the president of his foundation/105.7 The Fan personality Glenn Younes that he has been playing with a labrum tear.

“NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed to and NFL Network that the league is looking into the matter,” Rosenthal writes.

Coincidentally enough, like Jamison Hensley, Rosenthal didn’t specify that Younes conducted the interview.

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  1. Hey Ed! C’mon Man!

  2. You guys can love Ed for what he does on the field, but the guy is a certified looney bird.

  3. Ed Reed has a bigger mouth than Linda Lovelace.

  4. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to watch Ed play over the years , he just may be the best safety to play the game , certainly he is the best I have ever seen , BUT , Ed has not been blessed with the ability to put words together,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I think Ed’s thought process and the resulting comments he spews out needs to be refined a bit ……………………

  5. Sometimes I wish he just would not speak at all. I can see how this happens though and I can attest to it.As you get older, you just don’t care and spit crap out at any given time without a worry in the world.

    One day, we’ll all be sitting back watching a little sunday football and a newly retired Ed Reed will come out and talk about how many concussions he’s had and why he’s broke.

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