Much like the Prince Fielder to the Orioles rumors, BSR has kept you up to date with Nnamdi Asomugha to the Ravens rumors.  Trade speculation, free agency and player banter seem to be the only thing coming out of the NFL, though local sports talk radio makes it seem quite the opposite.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated listed his top contenders for Asomugha and even though he said it seems like a stretch, the Ravens ranked third on that list.

3. Baltimore. Everything says no — the Ravens need to sign Haloti Ngata long-term, and how many megabuck defensive players can you have in a cap era? But Ozzie Newsome knows the only thing his defense lacks is a shutdown corner.

It certainly is wishful thinking if you’re a Baltimore fan and in my opinion I’ve got to agree with his first three words. If the Ravens sign Ngata long-term, Asomugha is out. And let’s be honest, they’ve got to sign Ngata.