Don Banks of Sports Illustrated thinks the Ravens got off easy by missing out on Indianapolis. Banks points out that the Ravens haven’t defeated Peyton Manning since 2001 and that the Colts have ended Baltimore’s season twice in the last four seasons.

Even with the Colts lackluster season, Banks thinks that the Ravens still don’t matchup against the 10-6 Colts, as Baltimore limps into the playoffs with an unimpressive performance against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 17.

Baltimore won, but it might be the least impressive 12-4 team in recent NFL history. The Bengals rolled up 395 yards against the Ravens, and Baltimore struggled in the running game and in protecting quarterback Joe Flacco.

The news around Sunday’s 13-7 win over the Bengals seems blue around Charm City. Fans have expressed their concern for the offense on local sports talk radio shows, while head coach John Harbaugh seems to maintain the same mentality he had after the Ravens escaped Houston and Buffalo, when he told the media “we are what we are.”

Are you concerned about how the Ravens have approached the playoffs?