The Ravens have always dominated the Broncos at home, in fact they always fare well against the AFC West.  Today was no exception as the Ravens put up 31 points against the Denver defense and despite 300+ yards from Kyle Orton, the defense gave up just 17 points.  Here are my thoughts on the Ravens victory over the Broncos.
  • Keep Willis off the goal line – The Ravens have three running backs, their number one is Ray Rice, their big bruiser is LeRon McClain and then there’s Willis McGahee.  For whatever reason, the Ravens have used McGahee on the goal line despite have a big back in McClain and a slasher in Rice.  On the Ravens first drive of the game, Willis failed to convert on the goal line.  Then they switched to Rice who had two touchdowns on the day.  In the end, Willis reached the end zone when he broke one in the 4th quarter.
  • Defensive line continues to roll – Despite an early scare for Haloti Ngata on offense, the Ravens d-line continues to be consistent in their pressure up front on quarterbacks and shutting down the run.  The Broncos didn’t have Knowshon Moreno today and the Ravens were able to shut down Laurence Maroney.  Give credit to Kyle Orton for quickly releasing the ball with the pressure, he was sacked just once today.
  • Rice gets established – I’m an advocate of a run first offense for the Ravens, but until today they’ve been much more pass happy.  The 1st quarter appeared to be that way again, but the remainder of the game was the Ray Rice show.  Rice scored his first two touchdowns of the season, broke 100 yards and looked like the dominant back he was last season.
  • Flacco on the ground – Despite two strong drives in the air, Joe Flacco proved he can scramble in the pocket to make completions and even hit the ground running.  Joe rushed for a touchdown today and got out of the pocket for a first down.  He had four rushes for 21 yards today and put on a lick on a Denver linebacker in the Ravens first drive of the game.
  • Cundiff’s boot – Though it often gets over looked, Billy Cundiff has stepped up for the Ravens on kickoffs, booting four touchbacks in five attempts today.  That makes a huge difference for the Ravens when you are able to limit the Broncos offense to start at the 20 yard line most of the day.

As a side note, I’ve had friendly conversations with Broncos fans all week over a  I thought their game prediction (Denver 34, Baltimore 20) was a bit optimistic considering that the Ravens were 4-0 against the Broncos in their franchise history at home.  But, maybe they knew something about this average team that I didn’t.

What did you think of the Ravens dominant performance against the Broncos?