Ravens practices on college baseball fieldWith all the talk of deer antler spray, the Harbaugh family tree and prop bets, it’s hard to remember that the Baltimore Ravens are playing an actual football game on Sunday. I guess that’s what makes the Super Bowl so charming.

So how are the Ravens preparing for this so-called “game”? 105.7 The Fan’s Jerry Coleman tweets that Baltimore is practicing on the outdoor baseball field at Tulane University while the 49ers are inside at the Saints practice facility.

It seems crazy to me that while every radio station in the country sets up shop in New Orleans for a week a live remote shows, one of the teams playing in the game they’re covering is doing their walkthroughs on a freaking college baseball field.

Don’t get mad at the ‘9ers though. It isn’t their fault. The home team always gets to use to host’s complex.

I do have to wonder if these outdoor practices put the Ravens at a disadvantage. They are playing in a dome after all. The Ravens have been known to practice with artificial crowd noise in their own indoor facility to help prepare for dome games.

They won’t have that luxury for the Super Bowl.