Ray Rice - Baltimore RavensThings just didn’t go Ray Rice‘s way on Sunday. Not only did he rush for just 36 yards on 13 carries, but he left the game with a hip flexor strain in the fourth quarter.

Upon seeing Rice’s numbers, the fantasy football trolls took to Twitter to criticize the injured back. Rice reacted to the morons.

I was a fan of fantasy football until today so many spiteful and hateful words I still love you all God Bless great win today #Ravens

As Matt Lund points out, the Ravens remain optimistic about Rice’s health. He did not receive an MRI and John Harbaugh told reporters after the team would evaluate his status over night.

How about we take a look at some of the folks that called out Rice on Twitter?

Idiot roll call.


People suck.

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  1. Fanatsy morons

  2. aw, I think this is a little harsh. We’ve all had negative thoughts about players from our favorite teams when they have sucked. We may have even tweeted about it in a weaker moment (Jones swinging at low and away sliders, like COME ON). But usually the fact that those guys are on our team and have done great things for us in the past keeps us from really going off.

    I’d say that most Ray Rice owners are not Ravens fans, and so they don’t have the same attachment to him. It’s pretty easy to get mad and tweet about it if that’s the case. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s part of the fantasy football experience. As a Ray Rice owner and non-Ravens fan, I mostly just want to fight Jim Caldwell, for instance, but I’m a few weeks out from getting pissed at the little guy too. I’d say that Ray Rice sucked more than these people do this week. Here’s hoping we are all happily tweeting about him next week!

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