Reggie Wayne complains about Ray Lewis' danceSore loser Reggie Wayne complained about Ray Lewis’ final dance at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday. In an interview on WNDE in Indianapolis, the Colts wide receiver and former Miami Hurricane said he thought it was “disrespectful” for Lewis to dance after the Ravens 24-9 home victory.

“They’d already had a tribute every quarter,” Wayne added.

They sure did. It was the final home game in the future Hall of Fame career for one of greatest linebackers of all time.

Lewis didn’t talk smack with the Colts or take his dance on the road, he brought Baltimore fans to their feet one final time after an impressive playoff victory.

Wayne’s comments are particularly surprising given how close he is with Ravens safety Ed Reed. The two were roommates at Miami — Reed killed Wayne’s pet snake.

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  1. Ray Lewis loves to stick little jabs into his enemies. Top 3 NFL Players: 1) Ray Lewis 2) OJ Simpson 3) Ray Carruth

  2. Boo hoo, Reggie. You only won one Super Bowl despite having one of the NFL’s Greatest QBs and now you got trounced in the first round. You’re old and your career is on the downside.

  3. Ray Lewis first of all should have went to jail years ago and is a bully!! Among all things he is an idiot who needs to think about some of the things he has said i.e. when the strike was on he said “people will riot if the strike is not resolved and there is no football season” It’s funny I bet his dumb ass did not remember bullying american about that. I am glad to see him go and *&#@ that damn dance with him too.

  4. I’m sure Tom Brady or Manning will line up as cornerbacks when they retire. LOL what a joke!

  5. The Intimidator

    Look Xiongmao & Bob, It’s been a long week for me… I broke my arm, either because I slept on it wrong or I was thrown out of a moving truck, but that is neither here nor there… But then I have to come on the BSR and read your incoherent ramblings…

    Xiongmao, you related to Chow? You actually called somebody a “Bully”? When the hell did the word “Bully” come back in the American language? My brain is attempting suicide as I read your shit… Go back to dribbling your blood on a canvas and smearing it around with a stick Picasso…

    Bob, what are you? Some sort of unstable, out-of-control assclown who gives out handjobs for $5 behind Dunkin Donuts?… Why can’t you be more like your boyfriend Xiongmao? A broken, spiritless, lost-the-will-to-live type of assclown who gives you $5 for a handjob?…

  6. ^^^^ this is also a joke lol ^^^^

    • Bob, you and your boy Xing have big mouths? Are you interested n a tag team match against me and The Intimidator? Spy or MGW can referee. You already have the advantage, Intimidator has a broken arm and I broke my foot hanging out with Sergio Kindle….

  7. It funny how people cower behind keybords and talk smack about these great men like ray,but if you saw him in person you woulnt talk trash,because your a weakling and ray would knock the hambuger happy meal out of your fat lazy ass!

  8. Reggie wayne can ummm, ummm, well ummmm, kiss my black and purple ass.

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