Ravens linebacker Paul Kruger has quickly become a fan favorite in Baltimore. On Sunday, Kruger recorded 2.5 sacks on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and was only overshadowed by future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis on defense.

Kruger finished the last eight weeks of the season with 7.5 of his 9 total sacks.

After the Ravens (hopefully lengthy) postseason run, Kruger will hit the free agent market for the first time since he entered the league in 2009. According to a tweet from Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times, Kruger is looking for a deal “in the range of 5 years, $40 million“.

Unless Joe Flacco plans on taking a huge hometown discount (he doesn’t), that likely means that Kruger will be making the bacon somewhere else.

I questioned the Ravens decision to give Ray Rice a five year, $40 million deal on Sunday and was called a fair weather fan for asking. I’m a huge fan of Rice and think that with a good play caller he could be an MVP candidate, but I recognize that 2013 will be his sixth year in the league. How many more productive seasons does he have left in him?

I’d say probably less than five.

Meanwhile, the Ravens drafted Bernard Pierce in the third round of the 2012 draft and he led the Ravens in rushing yards (103) during his first playoff game. Perhaps if Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens would have held off on signing Rice and instead focused on Flacco, they could have kept Kruger, who has been a stable on their shaky defense this year.

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  1. What happened to ‘right players=right price’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that only applies to players that are not Ozzie’s favorites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this attitude toward signing players has killed the Ravens long term chances,,,,,,,,,,,,you can’t pay a handfull of players (you know them all) and expect them to carry a team , it leaves too little money left to surround them with decent players,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is Ozzie’s way and it has kept the Ravens from many super bowl appearances,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,one ring with the best defense the NFL has know is a joke , their wasn’t enough money left to put a decent offense on the field,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks Ozzie , for nothing………………

    • ozzie has always found diamonds in the rough, you should be grateful to have ozzie as a gm, so stop whining.

      • Alex , wake up man , second round draft choices are supposed to have an imediate impact on your team and are instrumental in the long term succes of your team,,,,,,,,,,,Ozzies recent very poor choices is the reason the Ravens will have a problem for long term success , when you throw in the poor contract mgt from Ozzie , Suggs , Knotta , Rice , Oher , are all examples of overpaid players that have not performed well after signing the big contract and hurt the salary cap , big time,,,,,,,,,,,,as a decent GM , you have to know your players better than this……………….Ozzie spends too much time watching Alabama and believes all their players should play on Sunday , do you think Cody should play on Sunday?

    • Yea spy. He found nuggets like Crackhead Kindle, Fat Ass Cody, Oft Injured Doobie Smoker Jimmy Smith, Useless Jai Reed…

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