UPDATE: Yaffe’s tweet has since been deleted, but the post is still active on Facebook.  We reached out to him on Twitter for an explanation, but have yet to hear a response.  No other media members have reported that Dunn was let go.

According to a WNST’s Damon “The Bulldog” Yaffe, the Baltimore Ravens have fired their assistant strength and conditioning coach John Dunn.

Dunn was brought to Baltimore in 2008 by John Harbaugh and has 28 years of coaching experience in the NFL.

A commenter on Yaffe’s Facebook page linked Dunn to Terrell Suggs’ Achilles injury, but Yaffe responded, “the dots might not connect the way you think.”

We’re standing by for more info Bulldog.

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  1. Wait, so WNST reported something that is potentially controversial about the Ravens? How is Nestor Apparicio supposed to cozy up to Biscotti if his minions keep this up?

  2. Is Nestor Aparicio, Spy and the little fella the same guy?

  3. Why is WNST reporting this now? This happened last week on Apr 26, and was reported by the Sun then.

  4. This was another fine pick up by the great and powerful Harbs,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nester and I are both from Dundalk but we are not one in the same , all thought we are both pretty smart ………..

    • I’m surprised no one caught my play on words above,,,,,,,,,,,sleepy time I guess……….

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