Tony Lombardi of Ravens24x7 explored the possible flaw in Baltimore lackluster 2010 season, John Harbaugh’s attitude.  In his most recent column, Is there a quitter in John Harbaugh, TL talks about the Ravens expectations for the season versus how Harbaugh addressed them and the role of owner Steve Bisciotti’s role.

Look I’m not making this up. After yesterday’s win Harbaugh said, “We are who we are and we have to move forward with that.”

Am I the only one who thinks that is a cop out?

I can’t believe that the quintessential overachiever Steve Bisciotti, of all people, thinks this is acceptable.

Do you believe for even a nanosecond that Bill Belichick said or thought anything remotely similar to this after the Browns, the lowly stinking Browns pummeled his team in Cleveland 34-14?

“We are who we are”? Please!

One of the problems frequently addressed by the BSR faithful is Joe Flacco’s, lovingly called as Joebot around these parts, ability to audible at the line of scrimmage. The Ravens have been outspoken about keeping Joe looked into a play when he breaks the huddle and as Lombardi points out, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron told the media that “audibling is overrated,” back in October.

Lombardi didn’t quite agree.

Are you buying this garbage Coach Harbaugh! If so I have a really cool 8 Track System you might be interested in.

C’mon coach, think outside of that box. This thing is there for the taking provided you guys stop doing the same failing things over and over expecting different results.

Yesterday, Don Banks of Sports Illustrated took a similar side stating that the Ravens are the most overrated 12-4 team in recent history.

Do you agree with Tony Lombardi or are you happy with the Ravens 12-4 season?