As if you needed another reason to go out and watch the Baltimore Orioles this week.

Orioles Giving Away Wei-Yin Chen T-Shirt In Chinese Mandarin

It’s t-shirt Thursday this week and the Orioles are giving away an awesome Wei-Yin Chen t-shirt to the first 10,000 fans that show up to Camden Yards to cheer on the Birds against the Mariners.  The front of the shirt features “Orioles” written in Chinese Mandarin and the back features Wei-Yin Chen’s name with his number 16.

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  1. I want one!!!

    • Me, too…But, I can’t wear one…See the Orioles Game Day Staff has again demonstrated continuing indifference for Fan Satisfaction…Their one size fits all model doesn’t fit anyone in my household…My Fat Arse requires XXL…My beautiful bride requires a Medium…My Kids were Adult Smalls or Mediums…Odds are I’m not the only family in town with that Size Chart…”One Size Fits All”? Really? In the most obese country in the Free World? Come on…

  2. I bet Chowman buys 100 tickets for all his homeboys………….

    • Good one spy , no reply from Chow , I wonder why . Maybe he got his tummy stick mixed up with his chop stick.

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