Yankees bandwagon fans blends Derek Jeter's jersey into Matt WietersThere was nothing more frustrating than that kid who had two favorite teams. He liked the Orioles because he was from Baltimore and the Yankees because his uncle once visited the Empire State Building. Bandwagon fans are the worst. They defeat the entire purpose of watching sports.

I couldn’t stand them when I was ten years old and I still can’t now.

Root for your hometown team — it’s really that simple.

The image to the right was posted on MLB’s instagram. Somehow this girl has decided to cheer for both the Yankees and the Orioles and has cleverly blended Derek Jeter‘s number 2 jersey into Matt Wieters‘ number 32.

Hopefully the Yankees fanbase accepts her as one of their own because she’s not welcome here.

Also of note, the Yankees don’t put the last names of their players on their uniforms. I automatically disrespect any fan with a jersey that has a Yankees player’s last name on it.