On this episode of ZardCast, CT, Dave, Max and Duncan convene following game four to share their thoughts following a 125-94 victory over the Toronto Raptors, a series sweep and the Eastern Conference semifinals. The guys are amped after a dominating series and have a whole lot to say. They touch on Duncan being wronged by Kyle Lowry at a Villanova as a 13-year-old, Kris Humphries’ Bruce Jenner tweet, full-fledged cases of Bullets fever, the Raptors rolling over, John Wall sitting the second quarter while Washington maintained a huge lead, Paul Pierce killing the Raptors one last time, saying goodbye to Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier, and a sad farewell to Jerry Moosewood.

ZardCast will return mid-week to preview the second round and will continue to record after every playoff game. Stay tuned and subscribe on iTunes.

Topics discussed include:

  • The Wizards SWEEP the Raptors
  • Toronto totally rolled over in game four
  • Dave says he knew the Raptors were done after the Wizards “gave them the D in game 2,” Duncan says he’s never seen such a dominating series clincher
  • Kyle Lowry is a bum, Duncan has a grudge against him from his Villanova days
  • John Wall is superior to Lowry
  • CT slams the breaks on the podcast, asks everyone for their opinions on Kris Humphries’ Bruce Jenner tweet and clarification
  • The guys decide the pod #FullySupportsBruce
  • “Bullets Fever”
  • The guys again reexamine Lowry’s ineffectiveness
  • Wall gets the game going with some great crosscourt nice passing
  • Duncan and Max have a voided bet
  • Tyler Hansbourgh was a nuisance in the second quarter
  • Wizards go into the half up 16 and John Wall sits on the bench for THE ENTIRE SECOND QUARTER!!!
  • Paul Pierce drills a few more threes in the third, Wizards hit seven threes in the quarter
  • Duncan had tickets for game six — Stubhub hanging onto his refund for 15 days
  • Similar to how Monumental Sports asks season ticket holders for a loan in order to obtain playoff tickets, Dave launches new socialism podcast “On the Marx”
  • The guys say goodbye to Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier, Wizards fans are lucky to have them
  • “Knuck if you Buck”
  • Looking ahead to the Wizards probable second round opponent in the Atlanta Hawks
  • The Hawks don’t look quite the team they were when they nearly won 30-straight games
  • The gang tries to solve a mystery: What was Martell Webster doing in this Vine?
  • “This Week in John Wall”
  • John was just a boy, but now he’s a man
  • RIP Jerry Moosewood, the pod remembers him, plays his fine voicemail

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