This past weekend in Atlantic City, the legend of Tommy Z (better known as Tom Zbikowski to Ravens fans) rolled on as Zbi defeated Caleb Grummet by a unanimous decision. Zbikowski improved to 3-0, with all three judges scoring in his favor; 39-36, 39-36 and 38-37.

Unlike his previous match, Zbikowski was forced to go a little longer than one round with Grummet, but he did give him a bloody nose in the third round.

Baltimore Sun columnist Kevin Cowherd had an interesting take on Tom Zbikowski’s new profession. He believes that Zbi’s coach John Harbaugh probably isn’t too thrilled with his safety’s new hobby.

But you can bet Harbaugh isn’t quite as thrilled with his safety’s new pastime.

If I were Harbaugh, I wouldn’t be thrilled, either. There’s a reason you don’t see anyone else boxing and playing in the NFL at the same time. And that reason has to do with the cuts, bruises, concussions, etc., we discussed a few moments earlier.

But for now, because he hasn’t signed his Ravens offer as a restricted free agent, Tommy Z can do pretty much whatever he wants as a boxer.

Whether he likes it or not, Tommy Z returns to the ring on April 23 in the “Dallas area,” according to Ravens Insider.