Last week the Orioles were getting no love for being the leaders in the American League East.  So where do they stand this week in ESPN’s meaningless baseball Power Rankings?

Well I’m glad you asked.

Climbing six spots from number 18 last week are your 12th ranked Baltimore Orioles.  Despite being tied for first place in their division, Baltimore finds itself behind the other four teams in the American League East.  The Rays sit at third, the Yankees fifth, the Blue Jays ninth and the Red Sox tenth.

That makes perfect sense, right?

Boston’s soft schedule (three in Minnesota and four in Chicago) conveniently added six wins to their abysmal record and leaped them over the Birds.

The Blue Jays were swept this week by the Orioles and swept the lowly Royals but somehow find themselves three spots ahead of the O’s.

The Orioles do find themselves ahead of the Giants, Indians, Diamondbacks, Mets, Reds, Rockies, White Sox and Brewers.  And the two most talked about teams this offseason, the Miami Marlins and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-in-Southern-California-right-near-Disneyland-on-the-West-Coast-of-the-U.S. find themselves at 23 and 24 respectively.  Ouch.

Texas continues to sit atop ESPN’s Power Rankings.

As mentioned last week though, Power Rankings have zero meaning.  They just give me something else to complain about.