In the first match up of the day in the Unitas region, the #2 seed is another defining moment during the 2012 Orioles season. Adam Jones’ HR in the 8th inning against the Yankees on Cal Ripken’s sculpture night faces the 15th seeded moment of Ray Rice falling off the parade float during the city’s celebration after the Super Bowl.

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#2 Seed: Adam Jones crushes homerun on Ripken night

JonesSeptember 6th, 2012. A night of many great moments. Cal Ripken’s sculpture unveiling on September 6th, the night he broke Lou Gehrig’s games played streak. Just as important, if not more, the Orioles and New York Yankees battling for the AL East division lead. The Yankees carried a one-game lead into this game as Camden Yards was absolutely electric.

The Yankees battled back to tie the game at 6 with five runs in the top of the 8th inning. Adam Jones led off the bottom of the 8th against reliever David Robertson. On a 1-1 count, Robertson missed wildly with a pitch, sending it behind Jones to the backstop. The next pitch, Jones absolutely demolished into the seats in left center to break a six-all tie. If there was a roof on Camden Yards that night, it was blown off with that HR. O’s win the game 10-6 and sat tied with the Yankees for first place.


#15 Ray Rice Falls Off Parade Float

RicefallsIn one of the funny moments of the parade celebration (at least funny now) was video of Ray Rice falling off the parade float he was riding on in the Ravens celebration downtown.

Footage shows the float ahead making a sudden stop, causing the float that Rice and other players were on to make a sudden stop. That caused everyone to fly forward. Rice was the only one to fall off the float, and thankfully wasn’t seriously hurt. Rice quickly jumped back on, smiling as the crowd went crazy.


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  1. This is a no brainier. That game against the Yankees was probably the best game I’ve ever witnessed first hand. The Birds fans actually took back the park and drown out the obnoxious Yankee fans from Northern Virginia.

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