Yo Goombahs! Jimmy from Jersey City here bringing you the Week 8 Fuhgetaboutit Five. Each week I give you 5 games to think about. Sometimes I’ll give you reasons for what I’m thinking and sometimes I won’t. Game 5 is what we’ll call the Five Finger Discount (a game I feel like you’re stealing from the odds-makers)

Method of picking. True to my NJ Italian roots, I do things in threes and remember them by letter. Jimmy from Jersey City’s method of picking is A.G.W. Analyze. Guess. Wager. Capiche?

New York Giants -10.5 over Miami Dolphins
I hate the hook. I’d consider buying the hook down to 10, but it’s probably cost prohibitive. The Dolphins stink. The Giants are a great first half of the season team under Tom Coughlin and have had two weeks to prepare. I guess they could come out flat and there is a possibility that Brandon Marshall could go nuts in the NY secondary, but the ball needs to get there. The Giants are getting healthy on defense and the pass rush is ferocious. Miami is 0-6 ATS this year. Ride the train until it tells you to get off.

New Orleans Saints -14 over St. Louis Rams
Speaking of trains (rip Bobby Baccilieri), anyone catch the train that ran over Indianapolis on Sunday Night? It keeps rolling this weekend against the Rams. New Orleans is 4-2 ATS as the favorite and the Rams like the Dolphins are 0-6 ATS this year. They also are starting AJ Feeley.

Kansas City Chiefs +3.5 against San Diego Chargers
Home dog, Monday Night, Division Game. I may have just come up with another 3 letters to live by. This dog could bite ya, but the good part is you’ve got Sunday’s outcome to dictate Monday’s risk. KC 4-1 ATS as a dog this year.

Cincinnati Bengals -1 over Seattle Seahawks
Sometimes you just hold your nose and dive into the deep end. If week 8 Jimmy from JC could talk to preseason Jimmy from JC and tell him he’d be endorsing the Bengals on the road in ANY game this year he’d call me a malamuke. Yet here I am recommending it. Preseason Jimmy is lucky he isn’t here too. I’d smack him in his face. Ayyyyyy!!!! Ooooooooh!!!!! Cincy 2-1 ATS as the favorite, 3-0 ATS on the road. 5-1 ATS overall.

Baltimore Ravens/Arizona Cardinals under 43.5
The Cardinals are a terrible football team going into an angry Baltimore to face a Ravens team that was humiliated by Jacksonville last Monday Night. The St. Louis Cardinals might score more runs than Arizona scores points this week. Baltimore will score, but not enough to get to the over*

*Jimmy from JC is not responsible for Kevin Kolb mistakes returned for 6 that could potentially destroy an under.

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