Joe Flacco
Image Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

You know how everyone talks about how great Joe Flacco is at throwing the deep pass? Turns out that isn’t entirely factually correct.

Matt Vensel of The Baltimore Sun reports that Joe Flacco and Tom Brady have thrown 41 passes over 20 yards this season, more than any other quarterback in the NFL. This total accounts for 16.6 percent of the total throws Flacco has made, though his accuracy percentage is just 36.6.

In 2011, Flacco was accurate on 34.2 percent of his deep throws (which also accounts for five Ravens drops). His accuracy percentage was a career-best 43.6 in 2010, 39.7 in 2009 and 31.4 in 2008. For comparison sake, that 2010 was the only season he ranked among the top 10 quarterbacks in that category.

This isn’t to say that the Baltimore Ravens should stop throwing downfield entirely, but perhaps highlights the glaring problem with their offense. While Flacco is chucking incompletions down the field, the team’s franchise running back (Ray Rice, in case you forgot about him like Cam Cameron has) who has averaged 4.9 yards per attempt this season is forced to pass block.