In February, we asked if Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain was talking his way out of Baltimore.  He responded to us, though he didn’t really answer the question.  Monday, McClain again took to twitter to make some controversial remarks to ESPN’s NFL analyst Adam Schefter about Plaxico Burress.

Schefter tweeted the news that Burress was scheduled to be released from prison in two weeks and included his inmate number.  That apparently didn’t sit well with McClain.

@AdamSchefter y do u have 2 Expose his prison number to the world I think you get a kick out of that. Man has done his time.. Come on!! SMH

While you could agree with McClain in the above tweet, he took it a bit further just minutes later.

He love exposing black dudes. Never tell the good but his job is to keep bringing past issues up our people Have.. SMH.. Come On my man!!!

Needless to say, Schefter hasn’t touched that one with a ten foot pole.