Michael Phelps Sits Down With Rays Lewis

Michael Phelps stopped by the Baltimore Ravens facility on Monday to share a motivational message with his favorite football team. The 18-time Olympic gold medalist sported his trademark backwards/sideways frat boy style truck hat and oversized glasses while pumping up future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis and company.

“He just talked about the last four years and what it takes to persevere like that,” John Harabugh told Garrett Downing of the Ravens official website.

Perhaps Phelps shared some motivational quotes from fake Will Smith‘s Twitter account.

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  1. Yet another guy with a ton of physical gifts and little between the ears. Luckily for Phelps, it appears his family kept him fairly under control or he might have fallen down two flights of stairs like Kindle.

  2. Amazing that these organizations and media type tout Michael Phelps. Does anyone remember his alleged bong photos? The clown isn’t all that.

  3. Tell that to Sergio Kindle. A bong is a bong unless you fall down a flight of steps, twice.

  4. Not that I am endorsing the dodo bird look, but the guy probably didn’t have much of a social life having to train year-in-year-out for the olympics. Now that swimming has paid off tremendously, he’s trying to be a kid again and enjoy the attention produced by his success. Look at his choice female companions.

    • There was a vendor at the HonFest years ago selling these shirts with a picture of him on the front similar to a Wheaties box. It had a him with his arms raised with a bong in one hand and the caption read “Weedies, the breakfast of champions!” Classic.

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