Orioles players get schooled in ping pong by kids

The Orioles welcomed in a few young ping pong players from the Maryland Table Tennis Center (I didn’t even know that was a thing) to school some of their stars on the locker room table set up at Camden Yards. During the broadcast on MASN, Buck Showalter talked about some of the Olympic hopefuls who crushed guys like Darren O’Day, Tommy Hunter, Nick Markakis and Taylor Teagarden.

Our guys stay obviously very loose and it’s their clubhouse. These youngsters came in today and I think three of them are supposed to represent us in the Olympics — next Olympics — unbelievable, Gary. There is another level. I’m telling you nobody can hardly get their serve back. The things they can do with a ping pong ball — you know what’s interesting, they always have their head behind the paddle, which you know I was talking to some of our hitters. Isn’t that interesting? That’s the same hitting theory that a lot of hitting coaches talk about. But unbelievable these kids and we’re talking about pound for pound one of the kids is considered the best ping pong player in the world. And J.J. Hardy as good as he was I walked by him and I said ‘hey why are you sitting here’ and he says ‘I ain’t getting up there’.

Locker room ping pong champion, J.J. Hardy is particularly impressed.

Orioles players get crushed in ping pong by kids

Manny Machado was surprised to find out he wasn’t the youngest star athlete in the room.

Orioles welcome local youth for clubhouse ping pong

Taylor Teagarden has never seen anything so amazing.

Orioles players welcome kids in locker room for pregame ping pong