Ravens24x7.com Changes Its Name To Russell Street Report

Ravens24x7.com Changes Its Name To Russell Street Report


Russell Street ReportBack in February I discussed the Baltimore Ravens forcing fan websites to rename themselves, removing “Ravens” from their URLs. RavensGab.com renamed itself BaltimoreGridIronReport.com and Ravens24x7.com, the area’s best fan site in this blogger’s opinion, temporarily change its name to RaveOn24x7.com.

On Wednesday night, Tony Lombardi and his team at 24×7 chose a more permanent name for their website, RussellStreetReport.com.

“Russell Street is where it all happens,” Lombardi said according to an article about the change by Derek Arnold. “Not only is it the team’s address on Sundays, it is also where friendships are deepened, new friendships are made and memories are born. Like 33rd Street was to generations of Colts fans, Russell Street will become legendary for future generations. And we hope to capture and preserve that through our words, pictures, videos and sense of community.”

We’ll admit it, BSR has become close pals with the gang at 24×7. We bother Goob to come on our podcast all the time, quote and link to Tony’s insite and continue to exchange tweets about Baltimore sports with Derek.

Russell Street Report will feature a brand new redesign and Lombardi promises the same great coverage. Launch date is set for September 18.