The Baltimore Ravens didn’t hesitate to re-sign Pro Bowl kicker Billy Cundiff. Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted late on Saturday that Baltimore re-signed Cundiff to a five year $15 million deal that he is expected to sign this week.

Baltimore and Pro-Bowl K Billy Cundiff reached agreement on a five-year, $15 million contract that’s expected to be signed this week.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

UPDATE: The Ravens as well as Cundiff’s agent have not confirmed the deal as of 1 PM on January 23rd.

Earlier this week, we were discussing Baltimore’s second highest priority after Haloti Ngata. Though I’m still not sure if this means that Cundiff is number two, it’s good to see that the Ravens value a good kicker. They’ve had issues with that in the past.

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  1. The dumb get dumber? Place kickers are like middle relievers, you rent them for a couple of years for goodness sake. WHY would you lock a guy up for 5 years and $15mil? I don't get it and beat they eat some of that contract once Billy starts going wide left.

    • Really?

      Complaining about locking up a guy who was record breaking in his touchbacks and 26-29 on FGs in a league where games are consistently decided by 3 points or less?

      So what if he slows down in a a few years. These aren't guaranteed contracts.

      There's alot of stuff to vent about with this team but inking Cundiff to a nice deal isn't one of them.

      And your analogy about middle relievers is way off.

      Kickers in the NFL are UNDERvalued if anything.

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