Last night, the Terps struggled shooting in the first half as did the Yellow Jackets. However, the Terps (12-4, 2-1) led by Terrell Stoglin went on an early run in the second half to go up 10 points. The Jackets (8-9, 1-2) did make runs to try and close the gap but were never able to take the lead again as the Terps won 61-50. The Terps were able to get key baskets from Sean Mosley down the stretch and James Padgett’s offensive rebounding were keys. The Terps again needed to hold their home court and pick up a victory over a weaker team and they did. Let’s get to the report card.

Pe’Shon Howard B-
Pe’Shon looked for his offense last night and was successful finding it. He was more aggressive taking shots and made a three point shot in the first half. Mark Turgeon was wanting Pe’Shon to average 10 points a game and be more aggressive looking for his offense. He did a very good job with that but now he just needs to convert a higher percentage and hold onto the ball as he had five turnovers and only 1 assist.

Terrell Stoglin A-
Stoglin was key in the early part of the second half getting the team points and he finished with 14 points. He may not have gotten to his average of 20 points, but he was crucial getting baskets when the team was struggling in the first half and starting the second half.

Sean Mosley A+
Mosley had two points in the first half. If the game ended there, it would have been a lackluster performance on the offensive end and only tell part of the story. Mosley finished with 18 points (including the last 7 for the Terps), 5 boards and a steal. He finished 10-10 from the line as well. Mosley played lockdown defense on Glen Rice Jr who finished with 6 points (his average in his 2 other ACC games was 25). He was literally white on Rice.

James Padgett B+
Padgett’s offensive rebounding prowess reminds me of a former NBA great, Moses Malone. Malone attacked the boards with reckless abandon especially on the offensive end. When I watch Padgett, I see some of the same things with his offensive board work. He finished the game with 9 rebounds (7 offensive) and 14 points. He has a nose to find the ball.

Alex Len B-
Len is still transitioning his game from international play to games played in the states. For example, on one play he offensive goaltended but in international play it would have been a legal play. However, his play on defense was much better. He had 3 blocks and countless alterations of others as he used his 7-1 frame well. He had 9 rebounds on the defensive end as well to work in conjunction with Padgett.

Bench C+
Nick Faust was extremely productive in his time on the court. He finished with 8 points and 3 steals. The 3 steals were each crucial. His first was at the end of the half and led to him getting a jam on the other end to close the half with Maryland up 24-19. His next theft occurred as Georgia Tech was making a run and he stepped into the lane and took it in for another dunk. His final steal occurred on a double team as he was able to reach and steal it from the taller Tech defender.
Sub of the game: Nick Faust

Mark Turgeon B+
He never seems to get too high or too low and keeps an even demeanor even as the team may struggle as did tonight shooting 34% from the field. He has passion for hoops but may not wear it on his sleeve like Gary Williams which is okay. During the game, his effects are subtle on the game like riding his hot hand in Sean Mosley and Nick Faust as Howard and Stoglin were on the bench to close the game.

Maybe You Missed It
The Terps finished 19-23 from the charity stripe which translates to 83%, a season best for the team. The points from the foul line were crucial as the team struggled from the field shooting 33.9%.