For whatever reason, the Baltimore Ravens 2010 number one draft pick Sergio Kindle has been in the news this week about his likelihood to play next season. The Baltimore Sun first reported that Kindle’s doctor was unsure whether he would be able to take a hit if he attempted to play.

“The whole point of it is, they don’t know if I’ll be able to take a hit of something like that,” Kindle told Ken Murray on Wednesday.

If you follow Sergio Kindle on twitter, you may be even more confused about his status. Kindle’s description says “Minor set back, for a major come back,” which is referring to his skull hairline fracture that he suffered three days before training camp when he fell down two flights of stairs.

Kindle first tweeted that the doctors were making him nervous about playing next year, but then said he was going to “keep grind’n” and get on the field next year. Well…that’s how I translated it.

I personally don’t think the Ravens will ever see Sergio Kindle take the field after his injury. Do you?