I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors. Yes, Tommy Hunter did in fact hit 100 miles per hour on his four seam fastball on Saturday in Boston.

Coming in relief of Brian Matusz in the 11th inning, Hunter’s eighth pitch hit 100.1 MPH. His pitch sequence to Dustin Pedrioa went like this: 98 MPH called strike, 98 MPH swinging strike, 99 MPH foul ball, 100 MPH foul ball, 99 MPH foul ball out.


You may be wondering why this is blogworthy. A.) I wrote about Hunter hitting 98 MPH during his last appearance in Seattle, so we had to check in again and B.) Hunter’s effectiveness out of the bullpen continues to be a story and if he can dial it up to triple digits, he might just find a permanent home there.

Hunter recorded a 1-2-3 11th inning and earned the win after Jim Johnson recorded his 47th save in the 12th.

No lucky bird crap required.

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  1. it reminds me of David Hernandez’ velocity upswing after he moved to the bullpen a few years back.

  2. If they had moved Hunter a month ago, I would be enjoying Jimmy John’s subs all year long!

    Go Birds!

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